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MeadoTech Ltd is an independent privately owned company with limited liability, registered in England & Wales (Registration 07073621). The company was formed in 2009 by our Directors who are educated to PhD, and CEng  levels. Our Directors have more than 25-years industrial and research experiences in control engineering, and renewable energy .


We are authorized distributors as well as manufacturers. Over an impressive period of continuous R&D, MeadoTech has secured its own innovative renewable energy and industrial solutions.


Our focus is on Innovation and Technology Strategy, Improvement Processes,  Transportable Power Systems,  Hybrid Systems, and Industrial Control.


We aim to provide our customers with best services and technical support. We have retail sales outlets too, via our online shops.


ISO 9001 Certificate Number CA14913

Our Partners

Renewable Energy Developers

We develop and manufacture innovative renewable energy hybrid systems  Solar, Wind, and Hydro Power.


Inspired by our creative directors, R&D and prototyping is  a major of our everyday work at MeadoTech.


EZAutomation is part of AVG, an American Group of companies vertically integrated to design and manufacture state-of-the-art electronic products for automation and control, cost effectively, for the best return on investment for our customers.

‚ÄčMeadoTech Ltd United KingdomVictron Energyvictron-ess-energy-storage-systemsVictron Multiplus Inverter ChargerVictron Quattro Inverter ChargerVictron Phoenix InverterVictron DC-DC ConvertersVictron Isolation Transformer AutotransformersVictron Boat Marine Power Supply KitsVictron Solar Charge Controller Bluesolar MPPT 75V 100VVictron Solar Charge Controller Bluesolar MPPT 150VVictron Solar Charge Controller Smart Solar MPPT 150VVictron Solar Charge Controller Smart Solar MPPT 250VVictron Blue Solar PWM Solar Charge ControllerVictron Centaur Battery Charger 12V 24VVictron Skylla-i Battery Charger 24VVictron Skylla-TG Charger 24/48 VoltsVictron Phoenix Battery Charger 12/24 VoltsVictron Blue Power IP22 Charger One OutputVictron Blue Power IP22 Charger 3 OutputsVictron Blue Smart IP67 Battery Charger WaterproofVictron Skylla-IP44 Battery ChargerVictron Blue Smart IP65 Charger with BluetoothVictron Blue Power IP65 Battery ChargerVictron Buck-Boost DC-DC ConverterVictron Battery monitorVictron BMV-712 Smart Battery MonitorVictron Battery isolators and combinersVictron Battery ProtectVictron AGM Deep Cycle BatteriesVictron GEL Deep Cycle BatteriesVictron EasySolar Inverter Charger Combined Off Grid SystemVictron Lithium Batteries LiFePO4Victron Venus GX BeagleBone Controllervictron products upgrade and repairs

SHARP Electronics  (Europe)

SHARP is  the world 1st  pioneer in  photovoltaics , this is why Sharp solar modules have set standards for over 50 years. All Sharp PV modules are designed for applications with high power requirements. Offering system integration which is optimal both technically and economically, and are suitable for installations in on- and off-grid PV systems.  HIGH POWER PERFORMANCE EVEN AT LOWER IRRADIATIONS.


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Moving  towards sustainability

We are happy to help!

Solar power for every application, Power Assist & Backup Systems, Off-Grid & Self-Consumption Systems,  Hybrid Systems and many more .....


what we do

The total services in 1 place!

We provide full engineering, integration, and design & supply  services. We are happy to help our clients in designing bespoke solutions for every  application. Drop us a line, there is no obligation to buy.

Automatic Control

We provide turnkey bespoke machine control solutions., PLC Control, SCADA, Programming, Control Panels, Remote Monitoring & Control, and many more ....

Renewable Energy

We provide turnkey bespoke Solar Power, Hybrid Systems,  Portable Systems & Kits, Camping & Motorhome Systems, and many more ....

Technical Support

We provide  both pre/post sales FREE technical support to our clients with reliable warranty schemes.

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