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Skylla-IP44 (1+1): two outputs to charge 2 battery banks


The Skylla-IP44 (1+1) features 2 isolated outputs. The second output, limited to approximately 3A and with a slightly lower output voltage, is intended to top up a starter battery.


Skylla-IP44 (3): three full current outputs to charge 3 battery banks


The Skylla-IP44 (3) features 3 isolated outputs. All outputs can supply the full rated output current.

IP44 protection

Steel epoxy powder coated case and splash proof. Withstands the rigors of an adverse environment: heat, humidity and salt air. Circuit boards are protected with an acrylic coating for maximum corrosion resistance. Temperature sensors ensure that power components will always operate within specified limits, if needed by automatic reduction of output current under extreme environmental conditions.


LCD display

For status monitoring and to easily adapt the charge algorithm to a particular battery and its conditions of use.


CAN bus interface (NMEA2000)

To connect to a CAN bus network, to a Skylla-i Control panel or to the Color Control digital display.


Synchronised parallel operation

Several chargers can be connected in parallel and synchronised with help of the CAN bus interface. This is achieved by simply interconnecting the chargers with RJ45 UTP-cables.


The right amount of charge for a lead-acid battery: variable absorption time


When only shallow discharges occur the absorption time is kept short in order to prevent overcharging of the battery. After a deep discharge the absorption time is automatically increased to make sure that the battery is completely recharged.


Preventing damage due to excessive gassing: the BatterySafe mode


If, in order to quickly charge a battery, a high charge current in combination with a high absorption voltage has been chosen, the Skylla-IP44 will prevent damage due to excessive gassing by automatically limiting the rate of voltage increase once the gassing voltage has been reached.


Less maintenance and aging when the battery is not in use: the Storage mode


The Storage mode kicks in whenever the battery has not been subjected to discharge during 24 hours. In the storage mode float voltage is reduced to 2,2V/cell (26,4V for 24V battery) to minimise gassing and corrosion of the positive plates. Once a week the voltage is raised back to the absorption level to ‘refresh’ the battery. This feature prevents stratification of the electrolyte and sulphation, a major cause of early battery failure.


To increase battery life: temperature compensation


Every Skylla-IP44 comes with a battery temperature sensor. When connected, charge voltage will automatically decrease with increasing battery temperature. This feature is especially recommended for sealed lead-acid batteries and/or when important fluctuations of battery temperature are expected.


Battery voltage sense


In order to compensate for voltage loss due to cable resistance, the Skylla-IP44 is provided with a voltage sense facility so that the battery always receives the correct charge voltage.


Use as a power supply


As a result of the excellent control circuit, the Skylla-IP44 can be used as a power supply with perfectly stabilized output voltage if batteries or large buffer capacitors are not available.


Li-Ion (LiFePO4) ready


Simple charger on-off control can be implemented by connecting a relay or open collector opto coupler output from a Li-Ion BMS to the remote control port of the charger. Alternatively complete control of voltage and current can be achieved by connecting to the CAN bus port.


Learn more about batteries and battery charging


To learn more about batteries and charging batteries, please refer to our book ‘Energy Unlimited’ (available free of charge from Victron Energy and downloadable from


Victron Skylla-IP44 12V/60A (1+1) Uin 90-265VAC/50-60Hz  Battery Charger


Victron Skylla-IP44 12V/60A (3) Uin 90-265VAC/50-60Hz  Battery Charger Three Outputs


  Victron Skylla-IP44 24V/30A (1+1) Uin 90-265VAC/50-60Hz Battery Charger


  Victron Skylla-IP44 24V/30A (3) Uin 90-265VAC/50-60Hz Battery Charger Three Outputs

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